Typical walls in residential housing has very little sound blocking quality because the sound energy and vibration transfer easily from one side through to the other because the studs provide a direct soundpath.

is "Hat" shaped metal channel with special sound reduction slots in the webbing. It also has sound isolation tape applied so as to dampen sound energy and reduce sound transfer through the channel from the sheetrock wall panels into the wall studs.

How to do it:
It's really easy. Just place the Trax on the studs, affix with fasteners (provided) and attach your hardware store drywall panels to them. tape off your wall and paint!  It's low profile, adding only 1 to 2" to the wall.

You get:
the fully assembled InsulTrax rails, all the necessary fasteners for attaching them to your studs, a large tube of acoustical caulk and anti-vibration support pads for sheetrock support. Detailed installation instructions.  All as part of the kit.  The only thing you need to buy is the sheetrock (drywall) panels drywall screws from your local hardware store.  Any questions or problems - we're just a phone call away!

Our Sound Isolation Track is sold in kits of  32 sq. ft.  (for a 8' H by 4'W wall) for just $89. Free Shipping!

OR 48 sq. ft. (an 8'H X 6'W wall) for just $139. Free Shipping!

For walls of other widths, just order the apprpriate kits: A 4' and 6'  for a 10' wide, etc.  Both kits work for studs spaced on either 16" and 24" centers.  You'll need to locate them to attach your Insutrax channels.

What you may need:  "Green glue" to enhance the basic sound blocking of the assembly and doubling the wall panels.  Metal tape for sealing the seams of the drywall panels. MLV can be added too for maximum sound blocking.

Do you have an existing wall to cover?  SImple- just use a saw to open up the drywall panels in 2' X 4' openings and apply our kit with a new layer of sheetrock.  This will allow the full dead air opening to work for you to help block and absorb sound waves through the wall.

If you don't want to cut open the wall, you'll need our "De-resonant" kit of batting to put over the wall between the rails to eliminate creating a "Resonant Chamber" which could "Tune" the wall to unwanted sound frequencies.

This isolation system works well for ceilings too, but we don't provide a "Kit", call for details on what you'll need.

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